Plumwood Mountain Volume 5 Number 2 is now live

Plumwood Mountain

‘The sound of rain: a constant, pink noise that hurtles behind these poems. Like the elemental soundtrack to a Bill Viola film, water clattering on stone.’ So begins Bonny Cassidy’s editorial to the current issue of Plumwood Mountain journal. You can find the contents listing here. There are 25 poems to enjoy.

IMGP1121 Macquarie Island. Photo © Bonny Cassidy.

In addition to poetry we have an essay-haiku-like reflection on whales from Daniel Helman, a dense imagistic essay dancing between Trump, the author’s father and Virginia Woolf from Meredith Wattison, a conversation between Amy Lin and Caitlin Maling, and a photo essay from the exhibition In The Opencollaborative artworks around place, landscape and environment, curated by Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo, held in conjunction with the ASLE-UKI &Land2 Conference 2017: Cross Multi Inter Trans that I was fortunate to attend in Sheffield, UK, in September 2017. We published…

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