Racism and solidarity

Wiradjuri man and journalist Stan Grant’s speech at the end of Q&A on Monday night was deeply, deeply moving, a continuation of his truth-telling and grace as commentator and host. That his experience of racism for being an Indigenous person in the public eye is not singular but rather the norm for so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is beyond tragic. I am shamed and saddened by the treatment First Nations people receive on a regular, often daily, basis. And I am part of this, as part of this society founded on invasion and the embedded racism that supports it. I feel inadequate to comment on racism; while I have experienced sexism, I don’t have the daily experience of being targeted because of my race, and it is staggering to think that friends as well as strangers have lived with this all their lives. I condemn racism, not only in others but also in myself, as I try to become aware of the unconscious behaviours that mean I continue to presume on the privilege that is unmerited. I offer my support to Stan Grant and all my friends, colleagues and those I do not know who continue to suffer racist abuse for just being.

In solidarity and in hope for another way of being together with the kind of shared grace Stan Grant showed on Monday night.

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